Stockists Policy Agreement

Distributor: Health Traders

This policy is provided by Qenda in relation to retail sale of its Products. Qenda believes that it is in the best interests of retailers to support this policy, and in turn assist us in building better standards in the promotion of food products in Australia. If you do not comply with this policy, Qenda or its distributors may cease to supply you with its Products.

As a Qenda stockist you agree to the following guidelines:

1. Using Only Text and Images Authorised by Qenda to Promote Qenda Products
The descriptions and images of Qenda products used to promote the Qenda products for sale by you or your business must be selected only from the authorised descriptions and images provided by Qenda with its written approval. A link to the authorised promotional text and images will be forwarded to you via email once the signed copy of this policy is received by Qenda. If you wish to use promotional text and images other than those supplied by Qenda at the link provided, then you must obtain Qenda’s written approval prior to publication. You can submit promotional text and images for approval to

2. Promotion of Qenda Products as a food
Qenda does not use concentrates, isolates or extracts in its products, only utilises ingredients in their whole food form and are made from 100% whole foods. When promoting Qenda products, be mindful that Qenda products are sold as food and that no therapeutic claims should be made relating to the use of Qenda products, including on social media or shared testimonials.

3. Qenda Products are Not to be Sold by Retailers on Shopping Mall Websites
Qenda products are only to be available for sale online, by you, through your business website or a website that you manage and have direct control and are not to be listed for sale on third party online marketplaces or shopping mall websites, such as Amazon or Ebay, without Qenda’s express prior written consent.

4. Retail Pricing and Bulk Discounts
Each Qenda product is supplied with a recommended retail price. The purpose of this recommendation is to assist you to price our products competitively, and to encourage continuity of the Qenda brand.  To this end, we also recommend that, if retailers choose to offer bulk product discounts then we recommend you apply a 5% discount for 3-5 units; a 10% discount for 6-9 units and a 15% discount for 10 units or more. However, the provision of recommended retail prices or discount levels are not and should not be deemed to be, any form of requirement as to the prices you may set for Qenda products. The retail price at which you sell Qenda products to any other party (including any sales, promotions or mark-downs) must always be independently determined by you in your sole discretion. However, we may withhold supplies of Qenda products if you engage in loss-leader selling (purchasing products with the intention of selling the products below their cost), except where prohibited by applicable law.

5. “Not For Public Distribution” Documents
Qenda will have available for retailers documents that are “NOT FOR PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION” that contain information to be used only for retailers and their staff for product training purposes only. These documents should not be reproduced or distributed to the public in any way. Qenda have available a range of public brochures and promotional materials available for use instore and with clients.

6. Promotion of Your Business as a Qenda Stockist
As a stockist of Qenda products, your business details will be automatically featured on the Qenda website. Please inform Qenda if you do not want your company details listed on the online stockist list. Your company details will automatically be added to our database to allow us to easily notify you of product information, updates and new product launches.

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