Ultimate Zeolite

  • Micronised
  • Activated
  • Premium Grade
  • Negatively Charged
  • Cage Cleaned

​Ultimate Zeolite is sourced from the purest Clinoptilolite deposits we can find on the planet. This is important because some Zeolites can be older, harder, less porous and do not have the most effective absorbing properties.

​Ultimate Zeolite is further enhanced using advanced activation techniques. Ultimate Zeolite is micronised to an ultra-fine powder and negatively charged to dramatically enhance absorption.

​Ultimate Zeolite also undergoes a thorough chemical free cage cleaning process to ensure its cage structures are contamination free and have the highest absorbent capacity.

Zeolites have many uses in a variety of applications. Ultimate Zeolite is your premium choice for micronised zeolite.


Micronised Zeolite (Clinoptilolite).

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